Environment & sustainability

When you book at Le Bouveret, you can do so with a good feeling. Because with us you spend your holiday or business trip in an environmentally conscious and sustainable way. It is close to our hearts that the generations after us will also find an intact world worth living in.

We would like to make our contribution to this and have given a lot of thought to how we can align our house and our actions with this. Not because it is “in” at the moment, but out of conviction. Everything may not be perfect, but we are on the right track and are implementing what makes sense and is within our power.

For a future worth living


Our building

Our building was renovated from top to bottom according to the latest standards between 2020 and 2022. During the construction work and in the furnishings, we paid attention to the use of environmentally friendly materials. With photovoltaics and a wood pellet heating system, we rely on renewable energies. Our house has a KfW efficiency status of 80.

Equipment and furnishing

As a master carpenter, I have a soft spot for wood and other noble materials. I like old furniture with history and character. This is reflected in the high-quality furnishings of the flats.

One of the flats has a new carpenter’s kitchen. The parquet flooring in the house is, of course, hand-laid by me, and the modern bathrooms have beautiful terrazzo flooring and concrete tiles.

I enjoy looking on the internet for well-preserved furnishings that others no longer have a use for. Again and again, I am offered antique pieces. I then refurbish them and look for a new place to use them. Some of my stock has found a new place in our flats. As you can see, my heart beats for durable products, repair, good care and recycling – wherever it is possible and makes sense. As a craftsman, I naturally have the advantage that I can do a lot myself. I take a critical view of the widespread throwaway society.


Cleaning and laundry

We use environmentally friendly cleaning agents to clean the flats.

Upon arrival, our guests will find the beds freshly made. We also provide hand and bath towels as well as tea towels. As a guest, you decide yourself if and when you need fresh laundry.

Waste separation and recycling

Wherever possible, we try to avoid waste. We largely do without plastic and disposable packaging. Of course, we separate our waste and try to repair and recycle as much as possible.

Planting and roof garden

We are planting our balconies and would soon like to create flowerbeds in front of our house in Lindauer Straße. That not only looks pretty, bees and insects are happy about it too.

It’s not finished yet, just a concrete idea. But in autumn we will plant a garden on the roof of our new building to grow vegetables and herbs for our own use next year.

Out of consideration for people who suffer from allergies

In our well-kept house we pay attention to cleanliness. All flats have parquet floors and a pleasant room climate. We deliberately do not use indoor plants in the flats, but are happy to welcome our guests with fresh cut flowers. Out of consideration for our guests, pets are not allowed. If you have any special needs or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Creating jobs

Both in the context of rentals and in my carpentry work, I need support and offer jobs to a handful of people. These are permanent, part-time positions with exceptionally flexible arrangements for working hours that are paid well above minimum wage.

Supporting families with children

We are very happy to welcome guests with children. They feel especially at home in our family flat Chipp. We are happy to provide a baby cot and a high chair if required. Children up to their sixth birthday stay with us free of charge. This is our way of easing the burden on families’ holiday budgets.


Investing in the future

The acquisition, renovation and new construction of my property are associated with high investments. A large part of it flows into Oberstaufen and the surrounding area, thus strengthening the regional economic cycle.

I personally feel that the location of the property in the heart of Oberstaufen is a special obligation to contribute to the positive development of the village. Thus, during the renovation it was important to me that the building fits well into the historical ensemble in Lindauer Straße. With the new building in Hugo-von-Königsegg-Straße, on the other hand, we are setting a modern accent that discreetly enhances the centre of the village.

The income from renting out holiday flats, flats and commercial space results in tax payments that benefit the market of Oberstaufen.

Cooperation with local craftsmen

Wherever it is possible and makes sense, we work together with craftsmen and companies from the local area. This way, the money we generate with our flats also stays in the region. Whenever craftsmen are on assignment with us, we ensure a good working environment. This includes providing them with drinks, cooking for them at lunchtime and offering coffee and cake in the afternoon.

Purchasing from local companies

One of my Friday rituals is the obligatory shopping at the farmer’s and weekly market on Marienplatz, virtually right on our doorstep. In our house, we attach great importance to fresh products from regional production, especially fruit, vegetables and meat and dairy products.

Ecological footprint of travel

Climate-friendly and sustainable travel

If you want to travel in a climate-friendly and sustainable way, you can find out about the expected ecological footprint of your holiday in advance when planning your trip. The Graz University of Technology provides a calculator for this purpose, which determines the ecological footprint of your trip. For this purpose, information on arrival and departure, accommodation and catering as well as mobility and activities on site are requested. As a result, you receive an overall balance of your trip.