Is there anything better than relaxing and being pampered after a long bike ride, a strenuous hike or a day in the snow? Or taking plenty of time on holiday for a wellness programme?

With us at Le Bouveret, this works particularly well. In addition to the independence and flexibility of a holiday apartment, our guests can also enjoy the comfort and wellness facilities they would expect to find in a hotel.

The Oberstaufen PLUS guest card gives you free entry to the Aquaria panorama and wellness pool with sauna area.

And you can use the services of the expert physiotherapy practice in our house at a reduced rate. You can walk the few steps from your apartment on the first floor through the stairwell to the treatment centre on the ground floor and back in your fluffy bathrobe if you wish.

Wellness and physiotherapy

Free entry to the Aquaria

Aquaria Oberstaufen

Panorama and adventure pool with sauna area

The Aquaria with its large water and sauna area is a wonderful place to relax and let off steam. Both adults and children feel at home here.

With the Oberstaufen PLUS guest card, which you receive from us on arrival, you have four hours free admission per day during your stay with us. Use it and enjoy it!


Aquaria Obersataufen - Sauna

Applications: relaxing and calming

Warming cosy time out

Just the thing for cold weather and after a day in the snow. It has a cosy, warming and relaxing effect. Then go to bed with a cosy blanket, hot tea and a good book and dream away.

  • Deep warmth
  • Gentle relaxation massage and hand massage

Duration: 60 minutes, house price: € 70 (instead of € 75)

For a glowing face

A gentle treatment that relieves tension in the face, has a pain-relieving effect, tightens and smoothes contours and thus improves the appearance of the skin. In combination with essential oils with aromas tailored to you.

  • Facial lymphatic drainage
  • Aromatic oil massage

Duration: 50 minutes, price: 65 € instead of 75 €

Pure relaxation

Helpful for stress, migraines and tinnitus. Has a pleasant, soothingly warming and liberating effect. You will feel the pressure in your ears, forehead and paranasal sinuses in particular disappear.

  • Ear candle treatment
  • Gentle back relaxation massage

Duration: 60 minutes, house price: 82 € (instead of 89 €)

Let go and find peace

Make the body vibrate with gentle sounds and noise, release existing blockages and find inner peace. In addition, the valuable active ingredients of essential oils on the skin and in the nose. Has a calming, liberating and healing effect.

  • Singing bowl therapy
  • Aromatic oil massage

Duration: 60 minutes, house price: 79 € instead of 84 €

Applications: activating and vitalising

Sports massage: promotes regeneration

Particularly recommended after intensive sports such as hiking, mountain biking or skiing. Powerful massage strokes stimulate blood circulation in the body and relax the muscles. This supports and promotes the body’s own regeneration and relieves muscle tension.

  • Classic back massage
  • Foot reflexology massage

Duration: 45 minutes, house price: 65 € (statt 70 €)

Energy massage

Harmonises the body’s energy and balances body and mind. Specially placed massage strokes with light pressure (acupressure) release blockages and stimulate the flow of energy.

  • Energetic massage

Duration: 50 minutes, house price: 70 € (instead of 79 €) 

Power pack: has a strengthening effect like a hug

Combines a vitalising massage with additional mechanisms of action such as electrical impulses, light and heat. This stimulates the metabolism, relieves pain caused by tension and inflammation and gives the body strength and energy.

  • Classic back massage
  • Magnetic field and infrared heat and biophotons

Duration: 60 minutes, house price: 70 € (instead of 75 €)

Detox massage

Detoxifies the body through gentle pressure on the energy channels (meridians). Powerful strokes stimulate the lymphatic system and ensure that toxins and waste products are better drained.

  • Detox massage

Duration: 50 minutes, house price: 70 € (instead of 75 €)

Further wellness treatments

Guests staying at Le Bouveret receive a bathrobe on loan when booking.

Further wellness treatments

Medical lymph drainage

Duration: 60 minutes

house price: 85 € instead of 90 €

Back massage

Duration: 30 minutes

house price: 30 € instead of 35 €

Magnetic field with infrared heat an biophotons

Duration: 60 minutes

house price: 50 € instead of 55 €

Sound bowl therapy

Duration: 30 minutes

house price: 30 € instead of 35 €

Guests staying at Le Bouveret receive a bathrobe on loan when booking.

Contact, advice and booking

Privatpraxis Andrea Höcherl Oberstaufen

Private practice Andrea Höcherl

Andrea Höcherl (born in 1969) is a qualified physiotherapist and has been practising this profession with great passion for 22 years. In addition to sound expertise and a wealth of experience, she has an open ear for her clients and a keen sense of their individual needs.

Her medical-therapeutic work focuses on back regeneration, lymphatic drainage and mobilisation of movement segments. She achieves particularly good therapeutic results in these areas. She also focuses on natural healing methods and a healthy dose of spirituality.

She has been running her private physiotherapy practice at Lindauer Straße 3 in Oberstaufen since June 2024. Also she is currently completing her training and further training as a naturopath at the Paracelsus School in Ulm.